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Satellite Services

Satellite Internet

We understand that one size does not fit all; the company has partnered with world-class suppliers to offer our customers the best airtime solutions based on their needs.

VSAT, FleetBroadband & Iridium to cover all your requirements.  From the narrowest bandwidth service to the highest capacity systems, we offer competitively priced services for every type of onboard system.  


Netazul has partnered with industry innovators to provide unique high-bandwidth and worldwide products.

Now you can be in Monaco or Cannes and not worry about whether the GSM is saturated. And you can anchor off places Sardinia or Ibiza and have GSM-style speeds whether or not you are in range of a tower.

With our VSAT packages we also offer worldwide coverage in both Ku and Ka band including normally hard-to-reach areas like the South Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Our support network leverages the strengths of our company as well as our partners’ worldwide network.

VSAT Coverage Map

Global Xpress

Inmarsat Ka band VSAT. Worldwide service.

Global Xpress is Inmarsat’s Ka band offering spanning practically the entire globe. Inmarsat has located five satellites with a near global Ka band footprint.

This is backed up by Inmarsat’s own customer support and NOC based on their Fleetbroadband and previous Fleet products.

Inmarsat is a proven player with decades of experience providing quality, highly stable products.

Global Xpress Coverage Map


Fleet Xpress

Inmarsat Ka band VSAT with free Fleetbroadband backup.

Worldwide service. Discounts up to 30%!
Fleet Xpress is for boats with boat Ka band VSAT and Fleetbroadband on board. It offers tremendous range on Ka band and backs it up with free unlimited failover onto Fleetbroadband in the unlikely event that Ka band isn´t available.

This is an excellent option for boats that are going far off the beaten path and want to be sure they have the most comprehensive broadband coverage they can get.

If you have both Ka band VSAT and Fleetbroadband on board, you need a quote from us. We offer pricing with exactly the same service contracts at up to 30% off the competitor’s pricing.

Fleet Xpress Coverage Map


Satellite airtime and hardware from world-class suppliers. World class service and support with discounts up to 30%

Coverage Maps

The following useful maps show where you can expect to coverage under the various systems


KU-Band Coverage


Global Xpress

Fleet Xpress